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Anonymous: Even though I've flown a handful of times, I still have a big fear of flying and I'm afraid that the plane will lose control like a bag in the wind. Any advice to calm myself before flight and during turbulence?

I think what did it for me when I was a kid was realizing that the plane can’t and won’t just lose control like that. My dad would teach me about how airplanes fly and what turbulence really is and that helped me a lot. These airplanes are inherently stable and very safe. 

Anonymous: Hi! Your blog is fantastic. I'm looking at studying for my ATPL at the moment, where did you study?

Well thanks. I just go to my local flight school. No ATP for me yet.

Anonymous: Hey do you work full time or part time? If full, how do you find time to do flight training?

Somewhere around 30 hours a week, 4-5 days a week. Most of my shifts are at night, starting at 4:30 or later. So even when I do work I pretty much have my days do go flying or flight train. Restaurant/bar life.

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