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What is your favorite part about traveling via... – Not your average airplane blog

What is your favorite part about traveling via airplanes/airports or just traveling in general?

Posted on Wednesday, May 16th at 09:18PM with 24 notes
  1. sorrowmorethanbeautiful said: The first glimpse of land you have after flying for hours over water, or when you recognize the city you’re flying over/to
  2. above-the-crowd said: I’d say the excitement to take a flight to go somewhere. Even if it’s a regular flight to a basic destination, it’s always this same incredible thrill when the plane takes-off. My dad is a pilot, I got that in my “blood”.
  3. saikyougutsy said: For me, it’s the thrill of being inside an airplane (from the time I enter inside the plane until I disembark), as if it’s my first time every time. I also love spotting and writing the registrations of planes (as long as I can recognize them well).
  4. nucleargearing said: Dressing up and Acting Like the “Jet Set” still means something. And watching engineering feats at their most crucial times: Landing/Takeoff
  5. syntaxsemantics said: Taking off.
  6. lecomtedemontecristo said: I love all the things the average traveler takes for granted. The runway numbering system, runway remaining signs, reaching V1 and V2, the sterile cockpit period till 10,000 feet. I love listening to the sense of humor the pilots and ATC have.
  7. borderlinelisa said: reuniting with loved ones at the airport after not seeing them for a while! :D or seeing others reunite and just watching the happiness on people’s faces when they see who they’re looking for.
  8. missaviatrice said: The excitement & activity around the airport, esp. getting to wait by looking at the small shops and eating. On the airplane, I don’t like their food but I just like taking off/ landing, talking w/ others, and just watch movies or listen to music.
  9. jheath said: Getting paid. (This is probably a minority answer.)
  10. thisisronald said: Meeting new people on the plane! Oh and I actually enjoy layovers :)
  11. thegirlwhocounted said: The thrill of adventure.
  12. fluidintelligence said: Seeing the people everywhere… They’re all going somewhere different and it’s just interesting to think about for me.
  13. j0rdster said: Via planes, simply the fact that you’re flying! Flying is so under-appreciated these days. Airports are amazing because of the things people don’t see, like ATC, operations, etc. And traveling is good for everyone; it’s just good to see other things!
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  15. maliforniaboi said: The rumble and bustle of the airport when I’m waiting for my flights
  16. soundboothsolitude said: the entire experience. I love knowing that while being at an airport and in an airplane, the entire world is waiting.:)
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